Ultimate Team Dynamics

Understanding how people think and process is key to healthy, effective relationships. Using the DISC Classic Profile taken by over 40 million people worldwide, this workshop will teach you how to build, communicate, motivate and manage conflict and politics on your team and in all of your relationships.

Bold Conversations
You know that pit you get in your stomach when you have to “confront” someone? Issues never seem to go away, no matter how much we ignore them. Can’t we just delegate that part of the job to someone else? This workshop gives tips and strategies for handling hard conversations head on, leading to healthier teams that are more fun to be a part of.

Worship Leadership

Leading Worship from an Instrument
The dynamic of leading worship from an instrument can be quite challenging. How do you focus on playing, singing and leading the band and congregation at the same time? Since cloning is out, this workshop looks at some tips to lead more effectively from behind the barrier of an instrument.

Teaching Your Church to Worship
We all face the challenge of helping a broad spectrum of people connect with God at the heart level. It can be a rewarding journey, but can also be incredibly frustrating. What assumptions should we make? What expectations do we have that may be unreasonable? This workshop gives practical suggestions for helping your church become a worshiping church.

Five Keys to Thriving as an Artist in the Church
Life is hard.  Ministry can be harder.  The demands of meeting unspoken and unrealistic expectations can wear you down, especially in the emotion-driven area of the arts where everyone has an opinion.  This workshop discusses five keys to thriving as an artist in the church, including ways to handle the inevitable criticism that comes our way.

Five Things Every Worship Leader Should Know

If you’re just starting out as a worship leader, you’re beginning to understand the difference between being a song leader and a lead worshiper. This workshop discusses five important concepts to keep in mind as you lead worship.

Bringing Order from Chaos

Just because we’re artists doesn’t mean that we have to do everything flying by the seat of our pants. Administration can be a friend; it doesn’t have to be an enemy. This workshop gives practical administrative and leadership tools for effective leadership of an artist ministry.

How I Pick Songs & Plan Services?
Where do you find new songs? What makes a good worship tune? How do you decide which key to perform a song in? What are your considerations for flow, theme, worship length, repetition? How many new songs a month/year do you introduce? When do you retire an old song? What about hymns? This workshop addresses these frequently asked questions by sharing how one worship pastor does it.

Building a Values-Based Ministry



Creativity from A to Z
Creativity doesn’t have to be just the big “wow” factor. In fact, most of the time creativity involves just a little tweaking here are there. This workshop presents 26 ideas you can tweak to fit your church’s needs.

It Takes Two to Tango

No man (or woman) is an island and creative planning doesn't usually happen in a vacuum.  Getting together to brainstorm can be a vital way to lift your pastor's sermon series to even higher levels.  Learn to reinforce this concept with music, ambiance, set design, movie clips, etc.  In this workshop you’ll see how one team plans creative, thematic services all year long.

Creativity in Worship

What are some spiritual, philosophical and practical issues of implementing creativity into worship? This workshop discusses (and demonstrates) one church's journey into the creative world.